Abstract-Abstract Expressionism paintings, Architecture, Modern sculpture

Welcome Everyone in Abstract-Abstract expressionism!

Group feature extension: Group will expand it's feature to architecture and modern sculpture!!

Group rules:

Welcome Everyone in the group!!!

Here are some rules in the group that can keep the files in order!! No digital art!!
Posting only on group wall,,,and only abstract and abstract expressionist paintings !!! No albums only individual pictures!!" Any different art style will be removed!!! Video upload is also possible in the mentioned style!! Inspirational buildings or structure photography can be posted to show the artistic spiritual background of Abstract expressionism! Modern sculpture and architecture and design are also welcome!

...With this guide line we can keep some focus on the subject of the group name in order to show Abstract as it is!!! Thank you !! No link to the page!! We like to keep the album page for abstract pioneers only!!!
You can share your own works and also inspirational artist's works from last century or contemporary artist works as well !!


Jack Mancino