Hridayananda das Goswami Acharyadeva

This is a group for disciples, followers, godbrothers, godsisters and well-wishers of Hridayananda das Goswami. The members of the group wish to share anecdotes, lectures, videos, arguments, meditations etc. related to HDG.

Posts are to made in English only, so as not to create confusion. Translation from other languages, like Portuguese or Spanish, can only be posted by authorised translators (see list of translators further below). This is in order to avoid important details getting lost or altered in the translation process, which can lead to misrepresenting Hridayananda das Goswami's words.

Standards of the group:

1. Sad-acara. Vaishnava etiquette and common courtesy and civility is expected from all participants. Rudeness will not be tolerated and posts and comments that do not meet the standard will be removed.

2. As this group is a community of friends, disciples and well-wishers of Hridayananda das Goswami, members are respectful of Hridayananda das Goswami and other members - even while specific issues may at times be discussed in an open and rigorous manner.

3. Membership is a privilege and is conditional upon adhering to the standard of Vaishnava etiquette and civility.

Please ensure that these standards are followed, and if in doubt about whether a post is appropriate, contact Danesha Dasa (Daniel Laflor) or Arya devi dasi (Angela Burt).

These standards will be posted periodically as needed and can always be found in the group description.
Thank you for your co-operation!

Do you have a Portuguese or Spanish quote you want to share?

The following volunteers will, at their convenience, translate and post the quotes in here:

Portuguese to English:
Ádi Purusha Prêma - send to [email protected]
Emily Dietzel - send Facebook site mail

Spanish to English:
Mahattama Rahla - send Facebook site mail
Benjamin Albert McClintic - send Facebook site mail
Serguei Levykin - send Facebook site mail
Ádi Purusha Prêma (again) - send to [email protected]
Emily Dietzel - send Facebook site mail

English to Polish: Piotr Warecki - send Facebook site mail

We suggest that the quotes are not too long, as not to overly burden the translators.

Your sevants,
The Moderators