Acupuncture Business Academy

STOP! Do NOT try to Join ABA unless you are (1) an acupuncturist or (2) CURRENTLY a student attending an acupuncture program or you will be permanently BLOCKED from this group. This information MUST APPEAR ON YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE in order for an Admin to add you. You can also PM one of the Admins with the link to your clinic website or the school you are attending.

**TO ALL ABA MEMBERS*: From Admin Lisa Hanfileti: Before you post, please read these brief guidelines.

Welcome to Acupuncture Business Academy (ABA) FB page! This is a private group administered by a group of dedicated acupuncturists for the exclusive use of acupuncture professionals and students to share, discuss and troubleshoot business and marketing strategies to build sustainable practices. This group is meant to provide practical advice as well as encouragement and inspiration in a safe and respectful environment.

The Admins of this group are myself, Bonnie Koenig, Barbara Beale, Donna Stewart & Michelle Alley. You may PM any of us at any time if you have questions regarding posting.

Before you start commenting on threads, please introduce yourself to the group by including who you are, where you practice (or study) and include links to your website , FB page(s) and other places so we can get to know you. (It’s never too late to introduce yourself if you missed this step.) You can add on to this thread or create a brand new post. It's up to you.

All topics of business, practice building, financial management, marketing, website creation, payment processors, insurance billing, continuing education, legal matters and anything else connected to running a successful practice are welcome.

DISCLAIMER: Always consult with a professional (accountant, lawyer, etc) to make decisions that affect your business. Do not base business decisions on what you read in this group as we are all learning and offering experience as a way to help.