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Dear Addis Chewata members: Thanks a lot for all these nice and entertaining posts on Addis Chewata group. Keep up the good job.

It is also nice to consider limiting ourselves in posting only about four or five per week per member, so we can have time to like, comment, share, enjoy, ... each one of them.

It would also be smart to consider to not focus and reflect other people's culture like the western supremacy when we post and we basically focus on our own beautiful background.

All that is just a suggestion. You may still keep on doing your own preferences since it is your own group and/or page. Thanks for the great job again and please stay integrated and enjoy. See you around. Lol.

Dear our valued member: This is just a friendly and gentle reminder that content of Addis Chewata Facebook Page and Group is not meant to be entirely dominated with opinions of certain body including particular political views with a none entertaining way. Since there is always a fun way of presenting even for the worst and most horrible situation, it will be more engaging for our general members to go that way.

As there are a number of other media outlet options including other Facebook Groups and Pages made specifically for different specific subject matters, you may still be able to promote your view in consideration, using these other options.

Please be advised to remember choosing to be within the appropriate content limit when using Addis Chewata. It is with our great apology and all due respect that we remind you that members who violate our membership policy (agreement) will get their respective posts be removed and also they themselves will eventually be permanently banned from membership.

If you think you got this message in error and it doesn't concern you at all, please disregard it and accept our apology.

We hope to continue to see you participating in our entertaining center and see you keep having fun.