AdHoc Advertising

Adhoc provides innovative and cr...eative solutions and support for other societies' advertising needs. Our team imagines, creates, and distributes ideas to improve awareness of other societies' services and events. Ad Hoc’s team of creatives and designers come up with ad campaigns for other societies and their events that are simply, what’s the word I’m looking for? Quirky! We. Dont. Do. Boring, and that's the last time I'm going to say it. Take TEDx as an example. We took a stuffy ideas forum and made it sexy:

You might be thinking... ‘yeah it looks pretty good, actually I quite like the movie and those posters but what difference does it actually make? Well what I can say to you is that good advertising is not just pretty pictures. It’s about results. And we do deliver. Once the Ideas Are Sexy Campaign was launched tickets sales rocketed triple fold, and two weeks before the actual event TEDx 2010 was sold out. As well as the work we are currently doing for the Boar and CodPiece Productions, we would love the opportunity to create a campaign with you that will create a buzz around campus and really get your society noticed. If you are interested drop me a line or give me a call sometime.