Facebook Ads Brainstorm

Do you like facebook ads and advertising and all that kind of stuff?

This is a closed invitation-only group or for readers of my Facebook Ads Brainstorm. Want to join?

Get it at http://youthebestguru.com/

** Rules **

Section Uno- Be Nice

I consider this group as a family, and the family here should be treated with respect and consideration. There is a zero tolerance policy for hate speech, trashing other people or programs, mean people and general un-coolness.

Always give first, help and contribute first.

Section Dos- Be Social

You're encouraged to post content of interest, share what strategies and results you're having as the result of the Fb Ads Brainstorm program, ask questions and engage in discussion.

You can't post links to any affiliate promotion you're doing.

Section Tres- Be Relevant

This is a group to discuss all things Facebook Ads/Marketing related. This includes marketing discussions and clarifications on the content. For the fastest response, please send all general support questions to [email protected]

This is not the group for a motivational quote of the day or pictures of your cat or memes.

This facebook group is exclusively to help each other, support each other and SHARE what's working for your business, so others can learn. You can always reach Gilberto if you have something cool to share to do a webinar or teleseminar for the Fb Ads Brainstorm family.

Section Cuatro- Be Cool

Like I said on section dos, absolutely no advertising, promotions or affiliate links will be tolerated within posts or comments. This includes requests to review your sales letter or website, webinar or JV announcements, and general questions designed to lead people to your website (if there's something to buy, if not, then it is ok). All links included in posts and comments will be carefully reviewed.

There's no ego, and we're here to learn from each other. And ALWAYS take action, don't just sit on the sidelines. Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Violators of these rules will be tarred and feathered. Or just banned from the group without recourse, whichever is easier. Also, if you violate any of these rules and you still on the money back guarantee period, you'll be removed from the program, and you'll not get the refund.