Adult Coloring Books Promotion

This group is for artists who want to promote their adult coloring books.
The aim of the group is to give an insight into coloring books new releases and promotions. Group rules :
- Group privacy is set to public, its important to know.
- Only Artists can share their own selling links ( from Amazon, Etsy, Payhip, Ebay, Society6, or any other selling website ) no groups and no profiles please unless got a permission from admins.
- Only adult coloring books allowed. If you have a coupon or exclusive offer you want to post you are welcome also to post.
-To make things more simple for people who check the group, only one post per book is allowed. Any new annoucements should be made on that specific first post
- No affiliate link sharing
- No colored pages and no blank pages sharing.
Respect the rules please so we can all enjoy being a member of this group. Thanks