Advanced WordPress

The idea behind this group is simple, a place for WP developers on Facebook to meet and share ideas and knowledge with a focus on the most advanced features and functionality without necessarily having to go into any basics.

AWP Rules:

*Rule 1:* of AWP Club: You don't talk about AWP Club lol. No just kidding we want you to talk all you want about it and tell all your Advanced friends to join.

*Rule 2:* If you have a question first do a Google or Bing search (I'm not a Bingist), then try stack over flow or the WordPress forums, you can even search this group for answers by typing in a search word into the search button up next to Notifications, finally if you still can't find the answer or don't know the question you should be asking then first introduce yourself, tell us what you do and what your building, hell give us your favorite thing about WP and how you got started with it in the first place, we want to get to know you and build the community before answering any questions, finally now go ahead and post your question or ask us what you should be searching for.

*Rule 3:* Many of us have answered the same set of questions again and again and some of us may ignore what appears to be a simple or repeated answer. We are not trying to be elitist here but if it's a question we've already covered then you should be clicking on the search button next to the group's notifications to see if someone's already answered your question before.

*Rule 4:* Have fun, we all come here for the software but we stay for the community, if you're not having fun or attending our local meetup events on then let us know and we'll make you come out, drink some beers, have some pizza and talk code for a few hours.

*Rule 5:* You may post looking to hire advanced developers, but please ask specifically for people to PM or email you. DO NOT post asking for work. Almost everyone in this group could post that.

*Notice:* We grant regular participants more leeway than first time posters, but these things will get your post promptly deleted by an admin and for repeat offenses likely removed from the group:
* Your first post to this group isn't remotely related to WordPress.
* Your post to this group is something like "I need to build a membership site what plugin should I use?" or "What theme should I use if I'm selling X?". Show you've done some research and are ready to discuss solutions. See Rules 2 & 3
* Spam obviously gets you instantly removed and banned (if we make a mistake, it happens, reach out personally to any of us and we'll get you back in).