Advert Advertisers

York Universities is a micro-cosmism in a macro-cosmism which is... similar to the rest of the world. There is a disparity between York’s media use for information dissemination and its sustainability objectives. While corporate advertisements are visibly present, there is little, if any, advertising of campus resources and services needed by students. Naomi Klein’s article entitled “The Branding of Learning", suggests that public education is a tool for corporate advertising, with negative impact on the education system. Through interviews with various organizations at York it was found that more content is to be added to York's Emergency Messaging System (EMS). However, most organizations agreed that campus resources should be networked and advertised and there should be limited corporate advertising, if any. York and other universities should use existing infrastructure, such as the EMS, to advertise available resources and initiatives for the benefit of students. This dually achieves a sustainable flow of information and encourages university communities to engage.