: Court blocks labour unions from embarking on strik This is the type of judges we need in a democracy.
Democracy without a strong judiciary that is
focussed on national interest is a recipe for
disaster. Just look at the flimsy excuse the labour
unions are giving to go on strike.
They have no problem with their pay; they are not complaining that their colleagues who have gone on
retirement are not receiving their pensions; what
they are complaining about is that they want to be
involved in selecting the company that manages
their pension deductions as if that will add anything
to their pensions. Workers' pensions are calculated based on a formula that is not affected by who
manages the pension fund. This formula is not
affected even by the interests, profits or losses that
are made on any investments made on the fund. It
is thus very trivial for workers to go on strike
because they want to be involved in the management of their pension fund. The verdict of
the judge makes him a good judge because good
judges protect national interest.