innovatist : Agile Code Camp

Innovation, Agile Code Camp are originally formed by a group of IT developers who are passionate about creating a friendly, free learning and sharing environment for professional network for entrepreneurship, education, and leadership in positive influences.

Daily meetup in cafe refers to "event" on FB

Innovatist 為一群熱血的IT人發起的專業人士的社群。為推動互助,分享,創新,教育而存在專業社群。

每日聚會請參考FB 上方的 “活動”。

所有的線上學習資源都整理在社團上方的“File” 檔案區。 All Learning Material are in "File" section in the group menu.

for beginners / 新手可以參考 30-Days : Learning map for Front-end to backend junior developer,30天的初階網站工程師學習地圖