Global institute ( BsSe )

Group Rules:
The Respectable Students!!!!
Please Remember th...ese policies before posting, commenting and liking the posts here...
This group is a means to interconnect the Class fellows to refresh their Class work, memories and for other positive social activities
1. Don't use abusive language towards any member, Give Respect and have Respect.
2. Only authenticate Religious post with the reference of Quranic Ayaat and the book of Ahadees will be approved and posting a hate written or speech against any other faith and believes among Muslims is prohibited
3. Admins have the full command to delete any post and kick out the member without describing any reason
4. On the complain against any member, he/she should considered him/herself in red zone and could be out after 2 warnings
5. Any sort of advertisement is not allowed, If any member is seen to promote its individual business or group, page , post will be deleted at once and member will be banned forever.
6. Group Admins may impose discipline for inappropriate conduct that cussing, swearing, vulgar, insulting, rude, abusive language.Do respect have respect.
we hope you will
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