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The socio-historical necessity created by the political-economic scenario of 1990s played the genetic role to beget the TRINAMOOL CONGRESS to democratically fight the continuing Stalinist subjugation-based on terror and rigged election in West Bengal.

The nationalism in Mamata Banerjee prompted her also to visualise the threat being posed to the Indian National security by the CPI(M)’s efforts to cause Stalinist penetration into the body-politic of India through West Bengal.

Please note that this online club has no political affiliation with the organisation and is only meant for the TMC supporters to link with each other & exchange their thought's & Ideas online for the TMC.
Rules and Regulations

1. Anything that violates dignity of the individual and dignity of our party or party leaders will not be allowed on this Community.

2. No personal insults or PA. No Obscene or slang language.

3. No content which has any biases towards caste, creed, sect, religion, language, region or gender.

4. This is not a matrimonial / dating / friendship Community. No personal advertisements either here.

5. No sexually explicit content.

6. No content/ image/ media that violates basic codes of public as well as Party decency and decorum.

7. No controversial material to be posted without acknowledgement of Moderators or Owners etc.

8. Don't disclose of any personal Information

9. Before opening any thread Topic, please look if somebody has already opened any thread with similar Topic or Not, Duplicate Thread (new) will be deleted.

10. Don't disclose of any personal Information of any Member publicly. This community is accessible by all so don't violate any confidential or private matters.

11. Any Thread or any Post, that is not following the above rules, will be deleted without any concern.

12. If any Member violates any one of the above rules, Moderators or Owner will take necessary Action which includes removing/banning of that member also.
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