Alaskan Photography

Like the name says: a group dedicated to Alaskan photos by Alaskan residents, temporary Alaskans, and transplanted former Alaskans.
Links to Alaskan photography by other artists is welcomed, and encouraged.
Please keep all images, links, and comments clean, polite, and family friendly.
Posting pictures directly to the group wall that were taken by someone other than yourself, will result in banning or worse. If you wish to share the work of another artist, do so with respect and honor - share it as a link to their page or to their image.
*Please remember to be cautious of posting photo-shoot destinations in the public group - you never know who might be watching. Final plans to meet should be done through private messaging or calls to keep everyone safe.*Group Info ~ The purpose of this group is to motivate us all to get out there and shoot and share with others. This is not designed to be a critiquing group but rather a safe place to share, comment, and enjoy each others wonderful shots.
Commenting ~ Encouraging comments are welcome and appreciated as it keeps the group lively, fun and helps to motivate us all to keep shooting - from beginners to pros.
*Photo Critiquing ~ We have some wonderful photographers in the group who are more than willing to critique your shots should you choose. If you are interested, please put the initials (PC) which stand for "Private Critique" in the title of your shot when posting and they will privately message you their critique.