Welcome to the "Gowda Saraswat Brahmin" group on Facebook “GSB SAMAJ”.

GSB SAMAJ is a Family Group which allows you to interact freely, provides you services to share information, Job and Career assistance , matrimonial services, educational assistance , inspiration to members and other services required for the welfare of GSB community.

Warning Notice: Controversial postings will be deleted without any intimation for the sake of healthy growth of parivar group.You may exchange and express your views, thoughts suggestions freely without hurting beliefs and religious sentiments of the group members. Please do not use this group as a tool for political and personal vengeance. Use of Explicit Language, Photos, and Videos is Strictly Prohibited. Fake Identities are not welcome here.

Any body found violating the above mentioned rulesfrequently will be banned. Posts against to the GROUP principles will be deleted..No arguments on deleted post..if any member feel his postings or actions are not treated properly by ADMINS, they can leave the group. Member who repeatedly violates the rules of the group will be deleted from the membership. ADMINS actions are FINAL and binding on all member.

Due to the recent amendments made by the Government of India, for all social networking sites, members are requested to please be careful before you post a comment. The Group and the Group Owner is not responsible for any members comment if it attracts punishment under any section of the IPC (Indian Penal Code).

The Group Owner/admin will delete the comments which is found or reported as Objectionable. In any case or under any circumstance the Group Admins and Group owner are not responsible for any irresponsible, objectionable, derogatory, illegal or unethical individual comments on any scale of measures, National or International.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Please avoid controversial which hurt family Members of this Group. Such postings will be deleted and frequent postings are found by any member..such members are also blocked from the group.Please post as much as possible GSB related postings such as our Traditions , culture and Rich Parampara. Try to avoid POLITICAL motivated postings.