Al Ain Photographers

Welcome to Al Ain Photographers group. If you are interested in exploring Al Ain and its surroundings in order to take photos, feel free to join in.

We intend to meet up from time to time to visit a place of interest and take photos. A theme will be decided in advance. It is hoped that a venue can be found to share photos and talk about them, perhaps in a sociable setting or alternatively, in a room that has a projector, e.g. a school classroom, if permission can be sought from the school administration.

Advertising by members:
1. advertising, related to photography, and the photographic arts, by members seeking to benefit themselves and/or their skills, as individual photographers, is permitted. e.g. photography tuition, photography editing in software, but this advertising should not be excessive. For example, an individual member should not advertise their products or services every day or every week. Once a month is permitted however.

2. Advertising by profit-making organisations is not permitted.

3. Advertising of products from profit-making organisations, e.g. Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Panasonic, Samsung, Olympus, etc. is not permitted, however 3rd-party reviews of products are allowed but not overly encouraged. For example, a member posting more than one 3rd-party product review would be warned not to do this again, or else they may face being banned. The justification for this is that the Al Ain Photogrpahers group Facebook timeline should not be filled with numerous 3rd-party product reviews by one single member.

4. 3rd-party tutorials/tips/tricks videos or weblinks - rule 3 (above) applies except that the maximum number of posts at any one time should not exceed 3 posts by one single member.

These rules related to advertising, publicity and postings are to ensure the integrity of the group as a group of people interested in photography in order to improve their skills and enjoyment in the art of photography. This integrity extends to the banning of direct advertising of profit-making organisations, which would benefit individuals and companies unrelated to the group. Opinions on products and services are allowed, but excessive 'pushing' of a non-profit or profit-making organisation is not permitted to ensure the enjoyment level of the group.

The terms of the Al Ain Photographers Facebook group are subject to change at any time, either with or without reference to the members.

If any member has any issue or question regarding the terms of the group, they can contact me, Bob Toms, on Facebook.