Te Whanau O Alfred & Ani Beazley

This page was started by Frances Monica Beazley

She started this group with the blessing of Whanau members in the hope we could all, as a whanau add the missing generations to the 1988 Reunion book of Alfred & Ani Beazley.

There is 20 odd years missing from the book (those who were born after 1988) hence the reason for starting this group.

The ultimate goal is to include Whanau members into this book who were born after 1988 & to update existing information we have already.

We have now started a website as a medium to help us do this...

Updating our history will obviously take some time but this collaboration of information will only assist with forming stronger whanau bonds.

Please spread the word that there is an updated Whanau History and Whakapapa in the making and direct any whanau members to our Whanau Facebook Page and Website..

Could we ask that when you join this page, to introduce yourself to the whanau so we can all see where we sit within our whakapapa.

We just want to Thank everyone in advance for taking there time & making a contribution to our whakapapa. This would not be possible without an Input from each and every one of you.

Many Thanks,