Algerian English Teachers

( AET ) Empowering Learners and Teachers

AET is a free space for English teachers in Algeria that encourages the exchange of information and teaching ideas and supports the professional development of teachers.

Algerian English Teachers has been created for educators as a space to share teaching experiences and practices, as an online
journal to build relationships, engage in reflective practice, have interactive opportunities that develop and broaden their existing knowledge.

The objectives of this Facebook page are:

**Opportunities for teachers to search, analyse and give opinions.thoughts and opinions.

**A forum for collaboration and discussion.

**A space where teachers work to develop their professional skills.

**Superb way for teachers to improve the already existing knowledge and discover new teaching practices from other colleagues.

**Educators interested will certainly offer support and advice on different issues.

We would like you to feel involved and help get the ball rolling. Over time, this page will become a great source for all teachers....

Thank you!

Peace and much respect,
Cheikh Naima