Alkaline Vegan Girls

Alkaline Vegan Girls are part of the African Bio Mineral Balance... Family and we are passionate about living to our highest purpose in life and helping others to achieve the same. Our focus is health, beauty, and nutrition. We know by consuming plant based and alkaline by nature nutrients we are making the greatest investment for our lives. We subscribe 100% to Dr. Sebi's nutritional guideline in the consumption, preparation and cooking of all of our meals, beverages, and information posted in the group. With respect to each individual who subscribes to a natural/electrical plant based lifestyle with the primary focus being to achieve and maintain a pH that is alkaline. All information, recipes and pictures of foods, water, spices, herbs, grains, nuts, submitted to the timeline MUST be items on the nutritional guide or prepared using items from the below nutritional guide. Please provide the ingredients to your post or it will not be added to the timeline. The purpose of this group is to compliment the lifestyle choice of an alkaline vegan and help each member take their cooking skills to a level that will inspire them to become the healers in their homes for ourselves and our friends & families.