Special Effects, Prosthetic Make-up Effects and All Things Practical

We can all gather here to have a chat with some very interesting film crew. Via this group you can access special effects supervisors, special effects crew members, prosthetic artists, and modelers just to name a few.

This group is dedicated to all things in camera; breakaway effects, pyrothecnics, mechanical effects, animatronic and creature effects.

Please see below for the intention upon creation and going forward for this group. This group was created back in 2007 in order to promote the art of PRACTICAL SPECIAL EFFECTS.

This is the place to ask how stuff was made and to connect with some industry legends. It's my hope that this group will grow well and that through that we can attract more industry crew members and therefore make this space invaluable for film fans and film makers alike.

A practical effect is a special effect produced physically, without computer-generated imagery or other post production techniques. [...] Practical effect techniques include: The use of Prosthetic makeup, animatronics, puppetry or suitmation to create the appearance of living creatures. It also includes Miniature effects, Mechanical Effects, Pyrotechnics/squibs and Weather effects.

Aside from prosthetic effects (appliances), precious little is said online to define make up effects. So how do we delineate going forward? One word: experience. When working on a big budget FX film, the make up department will not be handling blood or small appliances at all; these are all be down to the prosthetics department. Straight make up (face painting) is for to the make up department to sort out. Having said that, this is also a constant discussion between department heads and producers as to who is doing what. It's NOT a clearcut black or white situation! Why? Because the art form and technology is moving forward constantly.

This group is FOR the EFFECTS community. Period. If your photos are removed, it is NOT a reflection of talent or skill. We can all see that many 'face painters' show tremendous craftsmanship. I make the decision by imagining I read a script, going to HOD meetings and then asking myself how likely is my prosthetics department going to be assigned to create this gag. Period. Should you disagree with my decision, I am happy to confer with the other admins in the group and I will personally repost the images if we all feel it is an 'effect'.

I would love for you all to stay and invite your friends, and if you feel this is not the place for you or you are not willing to play nice, you are welcome to leave the group. ANY name calling, or swearing will be removed. Please report any threads that I might have missed and I will get onto it immediately. There will only be ONE warning and after that the user will be banned from the group altogether.