Grasshoppers (গ্র্যাসহপার্স)

In this group, we will be sharing our photography. We will also review gears to help everyone purchase something that suits best for his requirement. And we will also buy and sell used or new gears from fellow members.
And most of all, we will learn photography together :)
Feel free to join our flickr group at

*** Please read carefully 5 rules of GH ***

Rule: 1 No stolen photo
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Rule: 2 Allowed maximum one of your photos or you can share other’s works in 24 hours
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Rule: 3 No offensive comments, no memes, no stickers
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Rule: 4 No pornography
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Rule: 5 No like based contest request
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GH Email: [email protected]

GH Website:

GH School:

GH Location: