All Things Dog Behavior

Main focus on dog behavior and related topics including scientific studies, anecdotal observations, health questions, impact of humans on dog behavior, etc. A group for dog owners, dog trainers, behavior consultants, and anyone interested in canine behavior. Members are all at different levels of understanding behavior and so education and understanding is a must.

*** WE ARE A CLOSED GROUP and that means your posts are private to the group and will not be shared to your news feed or seen by your friends who are not in the group. PUBLIC / OPEN GROUPS do not have this level of privacy. ***

This is a safe group where members expect to be treated with respect and kindness. Feel free to post video or describe cases/questions for discussion and suggestions. Links to video and articles for discussion or to illustrate modification methods are appreciated.

Criticism is welcome as long as it is not personal in nature and pertains to the topic being discussed.. Any bullying or inappropriate behavior will be dealt with seriously, this includes derogatory posts about non-members or other groups. No blocking of members by other members is allowed as it is counter productive and does not encourage an open and safe environment.

All videos posted concerning serious aggression must be labeled with a warning so that members can choose whether or not to watch.

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