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Updated 3/3/15

Welcome to All Things Horror. Please read the rules, learn them, take them seriously. Admins do not give warnings for violations.

- Age 18 and up.

- Adhere To Facebook's Rules. If you have trouble remembering the Terms of Service you agreed to upon creating your account, allow us to direct you to

- Do Not Post Copyrighted Material unless you are the owner. Public domain items only.

- Horror Related Topics Only. For the good of the group, keep posts and comments scary. This means no religion or politics. Go elsewhere to talk about such things.

- No Pictures of Real Death, Torture or Injuries. Any realistic but fake pix should be labeled as such or they will be removed.

- NO NUDITY! More specifically, no female nipples, no ass, no genitals.

- Disrespectful Language Toward Other Members Will Not Be Tolerated. This includes trolling, trying to provoke arguments, nasty comments. By all means...add flavor to your comments as long as it doesn't display disrespect towards members or their opinions.

- No Advertising allowed on main page!! We have created a special section for advertisements. Please see our events section.

- No Spamming. Don't overload our main page. Don't send unsolicited Private Messages selling your stuff.

- No Selfies! This includes pictures of family, friends, and children. Check our Events section for the Horror Inspired Selfies thread. Convention pix with horror icons are acceptable.

- We Are Not A Dating Site. Do not advertise yourself for a date anywhere on ATH. This also includes personal posts on main page requesting members to add or PM them, unless requesting an admins attention.

- Be An Active Member. Post, comment, and like stuff!

- Do Not Block Admins. Blocking Admins prevents us from breaking up comment fights in your posts. Block us, be booted.

- We ASK that you be considerate when posting spoilers. We cannot enforce this as it is impractical to expect members to suppress the temptation to go in depth about the movies discussed. It is what we do after all...we discuss horror movies! For this reason we can only ASK NICELY you be considerate enough to alert members by adding to your post a "Spoiler Alert!" or some variation of. This is an official "unofficial" rule and CANNOT be enforced. If you see a spoiler that was not labeled as such, STAY CALM and remember, it's unavoidable.

- Birthday posts will be live for 18 hours then deleted.

Anyone Violating Our Rules Will Be Banned Without Warning. No Exceptions.

Please report posts you think violates these rules. Here's how to report a post:

1.Look in the Upper Right Corner of the post to find the Drop Down Arrow.
2.Click the Drop Down Arrow.
3.From the Drop Down Menu, select "Report to Admin"
4.Reports will be reviewed by the Admin team. Results are confidential.