Alton Swap

Admin Info if you have anything you need to bring to are attention or have suggestions please feel free to contact me.
Jenna Peterson

(1)NOT TO BE SOLD - fire arms are prohibited from being bought or sold on this site!

2)I ask that you no longer put photos in albums. Facebook has gotten rid of the edit button, making it impossible to delete the full album. Each picture has to be deleted individual when sold.

3) Garage sale listings may also be added to the wall. If you are including photos of the sale, please make an album with date of garage sale. Please delete album when sale is over.

4)BUSINESS LISTINGS are allowed on the main wall once but then you are asked to post your business on the Doc labeled BUSINESS LISTINGS. Once it is posted there it will be there until you take it down. This just makes it easier for everyone to find your listing. We ask that you post a link to your Facebook Business page so that everyone can find you faster.
** Businesses please note: We do allow postings on the wall for sales/promotions. They are only allowed on the wall for the duration of the sale/promotion.

5)If someone has already commented/questioned about the item posted and you are also interested, please do not TAKE OVER. If you'd like to be next in line if the first person passes, feel free to make that know. BUT please step back and wait your turn. Seller, please also be aware of this. Please be fair. Give the first person (and so on and so forth) 24 hours to make a decision.

6)REMEMBER! "A deal is a deal!" If you say you want something, then be sure and make arrangements to get it. Have your cash in hand and be there when you say you will... People's time is valuable!

7)No price bashing. Asking if they will take less is fine. But commenting that the price is too high is just your opinion. If you don't like the price someone is asking, don't buy it and refrain from commenting.

8)Sold items. Congratulations! You have sold your item. Please remove the entire post from the page. We have many items that are for sale and nothing is worse than seeing a picture of something you direly need, clicking on it, and seeing SOLD at the bottom. It’s very discouraging. Plus you are preventing others from “browsing” because there are too many pictures to look at.

(9) Bumping- you may "bump" or comment on your item to move it to the top for others to see once every 24 hours.