Amazing Images

Whether you’re a digital photography hobbyist, specialist or professional, taking better photos of any subject matter requires two actions on your part.

First, try to make digital photography a regular part of every day.

Generally, the more pictures you take, the better you will become. Second, learn the techniques of the photography process and how to photograph specific types of subject matter.

Your goal is to achieve a balance of formal knowledge and practical experience, which is the combination that leads to success as an amateur or a pro.

Original Work Only. One Post Per Day. Invite Anyone & Everyone!

This is a group dedicated to learning, teaching, practicing, and exhibiting photographic art and expression.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to share ideas, ask questions, practice new techniques and significantly accelerate your learning curve.


1. There is to be no posting of others work under any circumstances.

2. One post per topic per day. (Topics Listed on the Event Tab)

3. Post only on the day of the topic.

4. Post only the topic (unless you have an Amazing Image to share and it wouldn't be fair not to)

5. Encourage others to join and post.

6. BE KIND TO EVERYONE!!! No exceptions

7. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

8. Please DO NOT use STOCK images (the idea of the group is to SHOOT new work).

9. Remember this is a social group open discussion is encouraged, question and answers are encouraged.

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