Vegan Eats 'n' Treats

Welcome to Vegan Eats 'n' Treats, where we aim to BE FRIENDLY AND BE KIND. Although veganism is about more than what we eat (see, we love our grub, and that's why we created this group: so that *you* can share your photos of your meals and get recipe ideas. If you want health or weight-loss advice, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. No advertising, and no petitions please! Non-vegans are welcome, but only vegan food is allowed on the wall (and yes, honey is non-vegan, but palm oil is not an animal product). If you don't like a particular dish, there's no need to tell the poster: they went to trouble to make it, and negative comments put people off posting. No arguing about Swedish Glacé or Marmite! One strike rule: if you are rude about someone's food, or if you tell them not to eat something because it's not healthy, or if you're arguing about parent companies, you'll be shown the door. Just show us your nosh and make us envious!

***WARNING***: Lisa will hug your bread, Chrissianne will lick your dinner, Holger will steal your food, and Tonya will kidnap you and force you to make candies. Yes, we're a silly bunch!