Amazon Italy Reviews

How to Post?

- short product description
- price & info about d...iscount
- picture

General 'I'm looking for reviewers', 'I have a book PM me' etc will be deleted. Let's be kind and avoid spamming people.

Offenses That Will Get You Banned

1. Buying or Selling of reviews.
2. Sellers demanding or harassing reviewers.
3. Reviewers harassing sellers.
4. Sharing discount codes without permission from the seller.
5. Promoting / Spamming - "Opportunities", Websites, Brands, Blogs, Affiliate links have no place here.
6. Sellers violating Amazon policy.
7. Sellers scamming reviews by sending empty envelopes to people.
8. Aggressive behavior and abuse of any kind.

Purpose of this Group

This group is for sellers to give away or offer discounted pricing on products being sold on AMAZON ITALY ONLY. This group is for buyers/reviewers to buy or receive free products to test and provide their honest unbiased review on

Let's keep this simple and uncluttered. If you have something you'd like to post that doesn't fit into the rules above please contact Daria Gru.

This group is for Amazon sellers to give away or offer discounted products to Amazon buyers OR for product reviewers to obtain products for free or at a discount. Unbiased reviews by the buyers are strongly encouraged. We have a zero tolerance policy for the buying or selling reviews AND for any type of spam (you will be permanently banned for either). See More