Amazon Sellers! (FBA / Private Label / Importing / Etc.)

Shoot the Shit and Make More Money!

This is a Amazon Seller group where we talk about selling on Amazon.


1) Drama. Controversy is fine, but no attacks on other group members, etc. Be cool. We're mostly all here to make money.

2) SPAM. Unless it's for Ray-Bans. Everyone loves Ray-Bans.

3) "Local sourcing". This is not a scalable business model; it's a hobby. No questions about stealing stuff from your local Walmart so you can sell it on Amazon.

4) GURUs. No one knows everything, hard work isn't easy, and anyone hand-feeding you info that implies otherwise probably has their other hand in your pocket. Some courses have decent content and can help new sellers, but in 99% of cases we will not allow discussion of courses, ebooks, etc., as it seems to bring shills out of the woodwork.

5) AFFILIATE LINKS. The quality of conversation tends to suffer when interests become conflicted.

6) Questions that are easily answered via a Google search. For example: "Do I need an LLC to sign up for an Amazon seller account" or "How do I make a promo code"

Everything else is fair game!

Now let's make some money!