Mary Fallin, America's Worst Governor

This is a page for those who are displeased with Oklahoma's gove...rnor, Mary Fallin. She does a good job of promoting herself on her own page. This page is for expressing other opinions. For those who are unfamiliar with her "accomplishments", let me list just a few facts from Fallin's track record:

She brought legalized horse slaughter to Oklahoma.

She signed "Open Carry" into law.

She has dictated what "traditional marriage" is to her constituents, despite the fact that she has a failed marriage herself.

She ordered the halt of benefits to all National Guard service members in Oklahoma just to prevent gay members from getting them.

She signed a ban on a minimum wage increase.

She brags about cutting taxes but her plan saves the average Oklahoma less than $30 per year while saving the wealthy thousands that could be going to our schools.

She signed a bill allowing electric utility companies to charge people for using their own private wind and solar energy sources.

She turned down millions in federal healthcare dollars, disregarding the health of her own citizens so that she could appease the GOP by going against the President.

She spent $7 million to renovate Oklahoma's state capitol but cant spare a dime for roads or schools.

She "demanded" action from the President on the illegal immigrant housing facility at Ft. Sill, despite the fact that, as a Congresswoman in 2008, she voted in favor of its creation.

She repealed Common Core, and then blamed President Obama for the resulting $30 million loss in federal funding for our schools.

She played the major role in taking a Native American girl away from her biological father, after initially saying she wouldn't intervene. She also said that she wouldnt order the father's extradition, which she promptly did.

She went on an $84,000 taxpayer-funded trip to Europe, supposedly to bring lucrative aerospace industry jobs to Oklahoma. Still waiting...

She threatened Oklahoma educators to stop complaining about the grading system or else they wouldnt get additional funding.

These are facts, not insults. For anyone supporting her just because you're a Republican, please think again. Take a few minutes to actually learn about this woman's record and see what she is really about.

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