AMULET LIKES 投其所好拍卖區投其所好拍卖區/512744725514...301

造就身,口,意三业 !
在次恳请各位能尊重佛法僧三宝,尊重佛牌,也尊重我们和你自己的诚信,所以希望各位开心的来与我们结缘不要来结怨,谢谢大家!感恩!Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

I'm here to ask all the fellow brothers and sister to think carefully before you place the bid on the auction, please do not try to make fun of the bid or delete your post, and do not using any foul language or making any unacceptable excuses to forfeit the deal, which will caused bad karma to yourself. I'm sincerely asking everyone to respect Buddto, Tamang and Sangkang tri gem, respect the amulet, respect the trust between you and me, and wishing everyone here connected with positive and good karma, not creating any hatred. Thanks a lot, Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.