KENDUA Community-Netrakona

Geographical area of KENDUA
Kendua is located at 24°39′00″N 90°50′30″E24.6500°N 90.8417°E . It has 51221 units of house hold and total area 303.6 km².

As of the 1991 Bangladesh census, Kendua has a population of 265628. Males constitute are 50.58% of the population, and females 49.42%. This Upazila's eighteen up population is 133969. Kendua has an average literacy rate of 37.1% (7+ years), and the national average of 51.00% literate.

Kendua has 13 Unions/Wards, 227 Mauzas/Mahallas, and 311 villages.

Location Name Type

Alternative Name: Kendua
Name Type: Native
Area / State: N/A

Coordinates & Location Type

Latitude: 24.85
Longitude: 89.91667
Latitude (DMS): 24° 51' 0 N
Longitude (DMS): 89° 55' 0 E


Asujia(Bengali: আশুজিয়া)
Dalpa(Bengali: দল্পা)
Garadoba(Bengali: গড়াডোবা)
Ganda(Bengali: গন্ডা)
Sandikona(Bengali: সান্দিকোণা)
Mashka(Bengali: মাস্কা)
Balaishimul(Bengali: বলাইশিমূল)
Noapara(Bengali: নওপাড়া)
Kandiura(Bengali: কান্দিউড়া)
Chirang(Bengali: চিরাং)
Roailbari(Bengali: রোয়াইলবাড়ী)
Paikura (Bengali: পাইকুড়া)
Muzaffarpur(Bengali: মোজাফরপুর)

Important unions and places: There are 13 unions in Kendua upazila. Ashujia, Mashka, Roailbari etc are the important place of Kendua. Postal code nearly – 2480

Travel from Dhaka:
There are available bus from Dhaka to Kendua. You may have to go Netrokona first and then Kendua
Population 265628; male 134365, female 131263; Muslim 94.95%, Hindu 4.75%, Christian 0.05%, Buddhist 0.07% and others 0.18%.

Agricultural Contribution
: Main crops Paddy, potato, wheat, mustard seed, onion, garlic, chilli and tobacco.

Main fruits Jackfruit, mango, banana, papaya, olive and black berry.
Historical or Tourist Places: We are searching for the historical places of Kendua. Please help us to add some places about Kendua which states the history
School College:
Kendua High School, Kendua Joyhori Pilot High School (1832), Ashujia J.N.C institution (1849), Gonda College etc
are famous educational institution of Kendua.

Hotel Motel:
There are some residential hotel in Kendua. People from outside Kendua if come to visit they can use these hostel for live. These hotels are cheap to live.