Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMU)

1: All Event / Whatever Announcements Can Be Done Here.
2: Any Problem @ The Difficulty Can Be In The State In The STATUS KLMUC Group.
3: Anyone Who Has Been With The Organization Or A Student Or Anyone Concerned With KLMU Can / Eligible To Join This Group.
4: KLMUC Group Is Open 24 Hours.
5: All Expressions Of Feelings & Help Request May Be In State At The Status / News Feeds.
6: Group KLMUC Strengthen You With Senior / Junior, stuff, And Anyone Else Involved In The Organization KLMUc.
7: Care Ethics As Being In The KLMUC KLMUC Citizens Group.
8: Take Care Of Conduct, Avoid Using The Word "About SEX".
9: Any Conduct Monitored.
10: We Hope That You Enjoy With This Group.

= Any Suggestions And Ideas Can Ask In This Group KLMUC
* Thank You :)