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Hello and welcome my dear musical colleagues! My name is Sergii AngeldustGuitars Pryimak.

I am just a bassplayer, guitar collector and owner of Angeldust - Guitar Showroom. Welcome to my Shop!
All my conscious life (last 10 years at least), I’ve been interested in high-quality basses and guitars, which is my main occupation by the way. In general, I sell, buy and exchange high-quality axes. I record and review various guitars and basses, which have all been in my hands once, and place the videos on YouTube.
They were exclusively my own musical instruments. I bought and used all of them. Usually I’m engaged in selling and delivery of professional and premium basses and guitars that are worth their money. The instruments are being bought by me only, moreover, they are selected thoroughly and carefully. Having been running my business for 8 years, I’ve received a great experience in choosing the “right” guitar and I know how to get a rare and worthy one. During those years, I’ve held around 300 axes in my hands! Only selected stuff!
I am pleased to increase the number of my happy customers. Geography is the whole world from Vladivostok to Los Angeles! I’m extending the business throughout Western Europe actively now. I am going to have representatives in many countries, which are going to help you get the wanted instrument personally in hands!Over the years of my business, I’ve enriched my experience in the international trade operations of basses and guitars, I used to be communicative person and ready to talk on musical instruments with you any time!I see musician problem the next. Unfortunately, it’s rather difficult to find a good and working instrument for an acceptable sum of money, that’s why I am trying to help many other musicians and take up a niche of professional working guitars with a moderate price.

My web-site represents almost every instrument I’ve had. Besides, you can listen to their high-quality audio records or watch video review. If you are an amateur or are just interested in bass guitars – my web will help you understand the sound and tone of a particular instrument. I am always open to talking, consulting, making deals and cooperation! So just contact me and I’ll do the best to share all my experience with guitars and basses exploring and can help you to choose exactly Your axe!

Sincerely, team of
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