Anglo-Israeli Business Review

This group is meant to be a place where Anglos/English speakers in Israel can introduce, promote and review businesses. Let's keep each other informed of bad businesses while supporting the good ones.

1.) GENERAL - This group is for reviewing businesses in Israel. Please try to keep posts and comments relevant to this topic.

2.) NO POLITICS - There are plenty of other spaces for this, but not on here.

3.) RESPECT - We understand that this is a very diverse country and not everyone will see eye to eye on things, but please be respectful of each other. If you don’t agree with a good or bad review feel free to state it, but do it respectfully.

4.) POSTS - Feel free to add post about your business, events, deals, or business ventures, but please try not to overdo it.

5.) SECURITY - Please be SMART about what you post when it comes to personal information and information about other people or businesses. If the administrators feel that information posted about other people or businesses is inappropriate they reserve the right to remove it.

** In the spirit of fairness, we will go with a “3 strikes and your out” policy. The administrators will warn a person breaking of the rules 2 times and on the 3rd the person will be banned **

** We reserve the right to change or edit these rules when/if the need arrises **