Animal ed-YOU-cation UAE

This group was created to help and educate each other about all ...and everything regarding the well being of your animal.

If you don't know whether to spay/neuter your pet, to put a microchip or why to give vaccinations, basically anything that makes you think about the welfare of your pet, this is where you should place your questions.

There are many other groups which i sincerely support :
- Friends of Animals/ the Animal Project,
- Animal Action-Abu Dhabi,
- Dubai Animal Welfare Society,
- Feline Friends Dubai,
- K9 Friends Dubai,
- AlRahma Animal Welfare Society,
- JAVCats Rescue,
- Animal Welfare Al Ain,
- Ras Al Khaima Animal Welfare Center and many more,
though I would rather make this one about all your concerns and needs for your animal/pet!

If you are looking for a foster or permanent home of course feel free to post it here and I will forward it to the suitable rescue group or advise you on whom to contact!

We hope this group can give you the answer you are looking for!

We do not support breeding and selling (esp the illegal selling of dogs, cats and exotic pets), nor do we appreciate if any posts of advertisments that are not animal related.
Posts of this kind will be deleted immediately and if they appear repeatedly the user will be deleted from the group.

Thank you very much and enjoy :)