Anime Aikō-ka (Egypt)

[Welcome To the largest Anime/ Manga community in Egypt]
مرحبا بكم باكبر مجموعة لمحبي المانجا والانمي فى مصر .

* Joining this group means you read and Agree on the following rules:-
* Inviting members:-
- Make sure That anyone you invite is interested in Anime/Manga/Japan.
- You are responsible for anyone you invite.
- Don't add anyone more than once.
- Some people might not be accepted because of their name, profile picture or cover photo.

* Posting/commenting Rules:-
- Non-Anime and Japanese Pop Culture related posts are not allowed.
- Uploading non-anime related comment photos is also not allowed.
- Posting/Commenting a spoiler without a proper "Spoiler Alert".
- Any kind of Indecent (Real/anime character showing skin ) or disgusting photos not allowed.
- Cursing, Insulting, Disrespecting or using any kind of bad language is not allowed.
- Any posts/comments related to (Hentai, Ecchi, Yaoi, Yuri, Incest, Shota/Lolicon and Politics) are not allowed.
- Most kinds of advertising or selling stuff is not allowed, but the member can advertise if he/she messaged an Admin and got his/her permission (Anime data not allowed to sell) .

* Remove/ban members:-
- When a member is removed/banned, all Admins are informed.
- Ban duration is decided by the Admin According to the type of Violation.
- In most violation cases -the member- will receive a private message with a warning, next time BAN.

* If you want to post a spoiler, follow these steps:-
(Spoiler Alert).. Anime/Manga name .. Episode/Chapter Number
Write your spoiler here. or in case the spoiler was a photo or manga page
Upload your photo using ( or or Then paste the (Direct link).

* Put in mind:-
- An Episode/Chapter will always be a spoiler if it contained a big news (Someone died, Someone is alive...etc) even for a completed anime series.
- For normal Airing episode/chapter, It will no longer be considered a spoiler, when the next episode is aired.
- Spoilers posted without a proper spoiler alert -as explained- will be removed immediately .
- The administration wants to create the best community for Anime/manga fans in Egypt.
- Non-anime related posts will be removed after a while starting the moment the admin sees it.
- Disrespecting other members or religions leads to instant ban.
- If anyone see someone violation this please tag an admin to take action against the violator.
- Complaints are not to be posted on the group wall (or it will be instantly removed). -If you have any complaints feel free to message an Admin.
- Group rules apply on the Admins before the members.