Anime/Comic/Video Game Universe

This is the ultimate nerd group on facebook.
If you're a fan of Japanese animation like Dragonball or Naruto, comic books like Marvel & DC, scifi stuff like Star Wars & Star Trek, fantasy stuff like Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings, My Little Pony, or video games like Halo & God of War, this is for you.
Nerds, trekkies, whovians, bronies, unite!

Share all your creative work here. Here is the place to post crossover battles & comparisons, creative fan art or fan fiction, etc.

There was once a mega sized group with a similar anime/video game concept. I was a contributive member of it for a year, but that didn't matter to the crooked admins. They never explained why I was permabanned overnight, but it looks like it was due to my intolerance for homosexual Dragonball fan porn.

Anime/Video Game Universe is a corrupt group & I plan on making this group what they should have been.

Invite all your friends here.