Asia: Natures, Landscapes and Cultures Photography (ANLCP)

Asia Natures, Landscapes and Cultures Photography (ANLCP) is an open group to gather all level of photographers and people worldwide and share their photographic pieces on Asian natures, landscapes, and cultures. All of your contributions and sharing to this group is highly appreciated.

Open to anybody (all level photographers or non-photographer).
Fill in application form before you share your art in this group. Just PM the admin your NAME and NATIONALITY.
Photographs taken in ASIA ONLY.
Genre: Natures, Landscapes, and/or Cultures.
Share 1 photo ONLY per day (to prevent spamming)
No Ads. For photo sharing ONLY
Post violate these rules will be removed without notice.

All post must have TITLE, LOCATION (city/state, country), and DESCRIPTION, written in ENGLISH

Selected photographs will be posted on a photography blog (to be announced) and your name will be credited.