Antaranga Online Gaming [T.H.C.]

☯ Antaranga Online Gaming:
This is the first and BD’s best smooth gaming server of Antaranga Company & the official Group page of Antaranga Online Gaming. Here you are permitted to share your views and ideas about Antaranga gaming servers, so that we can develop our game community and servers more user friendly.
We try our best to give you an excellent gaming service in Bangladesh with the contributions and inspiration from Antaranga Company.

✯Owner of Antaranga Dot Com:
✪Asadujjaman Sujun
✯Manager of Antaranga Dot Com:
✪Aktaruzzaman Mintu

✯Server Founders & Operators of Antaranga Online Gaming:
✪ Şaad ßin Taiyab [ŞßƬ]
✪ Ertiza Haider [R]_|_RockstaR_|_[R]


#Our Servers active 24/7.
#We have opened (CS:S) Gaming servers :

> T[H]C CS:S Public Server Powered by Antaranga (S.O.S.)
> T[H]C CS:S Match Server Powered by Antaranga (S.O.S.)

Pub server▼
Match Servers ▼
Lan I:
Lan II:
Lan III:
Bdix I:
Bdix II:
Bdix III:
☯ Antaranga Dot Com:
Antaranga Dot Com has been one of the leading Internet Service Provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
We provide faster internet connection for home and corporate users according to the need of customer’s aspiration. We have 10 years experienced and expert support team to provide any solutions about broadband internet connectivity within a short time.We believe that the quality that we ensure has enabled us to stay ahead in the current competitive market.

☯ Spirit Of Shantinagar aka S.O.S.™:
Spirit of Shantinagar [S.O.S.] Circle of Friendship & the field of Creativity [A Social Group]
"Spirit Of Shantinagar" AKA "SOS" The group has been created with the new ages people of Shantinagar[2009]. The work of this group is different from other groups .If anyone have any kind of creative ideas, they can share with us and we will try our best to do it in their way. Because it’s not only about Shantinagar ,it’s about our country also.
The aim of this group is to hold the friendship,do something different by our own
creative hidden talent in front of the world.

☯ The Hero's Contribution aka T[H]C:
The era started with the team “Bhai Brother” …With all your love and respect we have carried this team forward and we all hope to stick with each other as long as we can….. So we decided to give an official team name which is “The Hero’s Contribution” and our clan name is T[H]C