Auburn-Opelika Area Freecycle

Welcome to Auburn-Opelika Area Freecycle!
Post what you're looking for (use "ISO" - "in search of") or what you have for FREE! Let's help our friends and neighbors!

The only rules will be the following:

1. All items posted must be FREE. No sales allowed in this group.

2. If it's truly, objectively junk, either don't post it or be honest about it's condition if you do decide to post.

3. Please don't advertise your business. You may, however, post about causes and/or fundraisers for those causes. The causes must be geared toward helping people (or animals).

4. Although you're permitted to post about causes to help animals, please do not use this group to give away or look for pets. My personal values reflect the fact that I believe pets are family, not property or commodities.

5.You may, however, post "lost" or "missing" pets, or if you have found a pet and are trying to locate the pet's guardian (but keep in mind there is also a Facebook group in this area to do just that).

6. As always, be respectful to one another. We're all adults here.

7. Be careful. Don't meet up with someone if you have a bad feeling about it. When you do meet, have a friend with you whether you are the giving the item away or picking something up.

8. Have fun! :)