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Inviting all who wish to make this an active forum that promises to go a step beyond !

Most of us are active participants ...

Join only if u think u want to benefit, contribute, participate and not just for the heck of being a part of one more group.:)

Welcome all creatives, servicing, account management, marketing, corporate communication, branding, visualizers, illustrators, copywriters, professionals, photographers, related services, 2 connect, showcase, speak-out, blog, organize events, upload pics.. :)

India has arrived, and we ARE the best in world !
Its just a matter of believing in ourselves :)

This community is also open to anyone on the globe who is interested in Indian Advertising and wishes well for it.

So friends, lets gets together and connect... become a force and Rock the world. !

You may be sitting in any part of the country or outside but if you are connected to The Indian Advertising .. this is the place to get noticed.. showcase and connect ! :)

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