*** Welcome to OMEN ***

*OMEN... Recruiting *PvE *PvP *Guild Events Daily *Guild Missions *Website *24/7 Buffs *PVP Arena *TS3 Channel *International *PVE Rep. Required *Over 500k influence *Over 400 Guildies *All welcome!

This is our Guild OMEN. Its made by friends, funny, crazy, nice and loyal people that gather together to have a nice place for fun and action!

Leaded by Svev and Xenum and CO-Leaders Cin and Sarbie along with our awesome Officers, we are not and do not intend to be better than anyone else, just running it and organizing things so everyone can enjoy their best in GW2.

If you are one of those special people, join us!!

Cya in Guild Chat xD

* Guild Agenda:

We will be posting agenda here daily. For more info you can check at main page in our Enjin Website!!!

* Infos:

Buffs 24/7 - 4 at week days and 5 at weekends!!

Website: (Foruns, Chat, Events Agenda and so much more!!)

Facebook Group:

TS (Team speaker 3 - Download it!!) 20 slots:

PVP Arena: OMEN (or just look for Svev on search) no pw required.

PVE Representation Required - 100% (excluded: TTS events, personal guild banks, Beta Tests, WvW, PvP)

PS: Reset is 8 pm eastern and 5 pm pacific time

* Important Sites:

For new ones in game pls save this site:

For World Boss Timer:

For more GW2 info and news:


TTS Raids: - (For Big Bosses as Teq and Triple Trouble)