Andhra Pradesh Photographic Society

Welcome To Andhra Pradesh Photographic Society !

Andhra Pradesh Photographic Society (APPS) was started by Raja Triambaka Raj and his friends in 1957 to promote the art and science of photography. The Society since its inception has done tremendous service to photography in the state of Andhra Pradesh. APPS has a firm belief in the philosophy that knowledge not shared is knowledge lost. To further this principle, APPS has conducted several workshops and photographic outings for its members. Most of these were conducted by the learned members of the Society itself. Several courses were also conducted to introduce photography to the newcomers in this field. It is not an exaggeration to say that at least a few hundred young men and women were initiated to the wonderful world of photography with the help of the Society. The Society also conducts regular competitions for its members to enable them to hone their skills. Today APPS has among its members photographers who have won several honors and awards at both national and international levels including fellowships in major photographic societies. APPS has also conducted numerous salons at national and state levels.

The APPS members are a friendly set of photographers who are keen on sharing their knowledge towards promotion of photography. This is very much in tune with the Society’s mission to spread awareness about photography and imparting photographic skills. One of the main activities of the Society is to conduct regular knowledge sharing sessions. These are in the form of video courses, lectures on photographic techniques (starting from fundamentals to advanced topics), outings led by senior members and workshops on still life, portraiture, etc.