Arab American literature

This group is open to all those interested in the history, literature, and culture of Arab Americans. The group, "Arab American Literature & Culture", is focused on news, events and information that shed light on the Arab American community including writers and artists in general. The page aims to share quotes, poems, excerpts from writings, links, videos, interviews, and any posts that deal with (ARAB AMERICAN) writers, publications, poetry readings; cultural events and festivals. and academic articles that discuss issues & themes related to Arab American literature and culture. So, we kindly ask members ,who are willing to contribute to this page, to refrain from posting material that is not relevant to Arab American Literature & Culture.
هذه الصفحة تعنى بالتعريف بادب عرب امريكا وعاداتهم وثقافاتهم وتسليط الضوء على اهم الاحداث والفعاليات الادبية والثقافية والفنية الخاصة بهم .المجال مفتوح للتعليق والنقاش على ان تكون مساهمة الاعضاء في هذه الصفحة ملتزمة بموضوعها المحدد. وشكرا .