Islamic Forum

A warmest and sincere WELCOME! to all the members of this group. thank u my co-admins here for being here with me.let us work hand in hand for the progress of this group.hold on together.
This group has been created specifically for the new Muslims, and for their attention and help them and teach them morals and teachings of Staff and the canons of Islam and help them in their application, and teach non-Muslims all regards to Islam, and answer all the questions that they have about Islam,
In order to invite non-Muslims to the religion of Islam and spread Islam to them and disseminate the true image of Islam in all sincerity, clarity and transparency.
Feel free to share all that you wanna share as long as it is all about islamic knowledge , posting groups and pages here are not allowed, unless with our permission, only English words are allowed to be used in this group.. Any other languages will be deleted soon or BLOCK without asking your permission..
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated :)
thank you ^_^