Asia Financial Risk Think Tank 亞洲金融風險智庫

Dear practitioners and friends,

This group is to create a platform for posting news, good article, exchange ideas, share good materials and communication of events. Its philosophy is Inheritance and Evolution (傳承和演化) meaning retaining the best of tradition and look for development in the area of Risk, Compliance, Finance and other interested subjects.We do research on hot financial stories and generate new ideas to promote thoughts and recommendation. I highly welcome your contribution and encourage you to make friends with each other. So, please start to take a look now. We now have the following mentors joining this group:

- Dominic Wu (Risk)
- Barkis Ip (Compliance)
- Jacky Leung (Compliance)
- Vincent Lam (Hedge Fund & Private Equity)
- Sue Pang (Risk)
- Eddie Leung (Risk)
- Wing Cheng (Risk)
- Andy Chen (Consulting)
- Kelvin Lok (Private Banking)
- Liza Ching (Risk)
- Anthony Woo (Private Equity)
- Dr Sara Hsu (China studies)

Dominic Wu
Mobile: +852-96232578
Email: [email protected]