Army Career Counselors

The current site serves an an "unofficial" page to discuss Career Counselor utilization, updates, and procedures. This sites initial purpose is to serve in the best interest of the servicing Career Counselor to communicate with others within the field, provide professional feedback on threads, and to look out for the "family".

I am honored to serve as the honest broker for the Soldier & the commander's eyes and ears in the unit. I exist to keep the Army's forces strong through the retention of America's sons & daughters, our Soldiers. I realize that since the birth of our Army before America was a nation, Soldiers required advice & counseling to decide the proper course of action in doing their part to defend our nation. My role is to tell the truth & to honestly represent my country & the Soldiers I serve to the utmost of my abilities. To do less is to forsake my duties & my fellow Career Counselors.

I wear the Career Counselor Badge with pride and full knowledge that this very symbol epitomizes our nation & our duty to sustain America's fighting force. The musket on my badge symbolizes the courage of our forefathers & the role of the Army in defending our nation. The eagle represents the spirit of the American people that we defend & whose Soldier's careers have been placed in my trust. The olive branch on my badge is the most important part, for it signifies peace, that is the goal of every American Soldier.

My commanders & senior leaders will be assured that their Soldiers are afforded the most effective counseling available. My superiors will not be burdened with my duties & responsibilities. Loyalty & honesty to superiors, peers & subordinates are my credentials. I will exercise initiative, integrity & the courage to convey the Army's story, good or bad to all those who serve with me. I am a Career Counselor, by choice an advisor to Soldiers, leaders & peers. A trusted intermediary that will never forget the professional aspects of my existence.