Army Wives - Thirty and Over

The group's title explains it well enough. This group is for Army Wives over thirty years old. Nothing against the younger wives at all. I just noticed there are several of us that are in between most others. Our spouses might have joined later in life... We're older... Our children are older... or many other little details that we may share. That's what this group is for, so enjoy.

Please do not post ads on the page. That includes ads for schools, colleges, tech schools, etc. It also includes any type of home based business; Avon, Scentsy, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc. If someone specfically asks for a link or for information, then that's fine. You can link them to your site by leaving a comment to their question.

There will be NO soliciting the group for monetary contributions for individuals or groups that cannot be proven as legitimate. I understand the desire to help others in need, but far too many people take advantage of the kindess of others and I don't want that happening on here.

We do not need exit posts on the group page. If you don't like something that's been said, you have a choice. You can ignore the post, block the person or just leave the group quietly without a huge dramatic exit. We're adults. All are welcome to stay, but we're not making anyone remain a member either.

Admins reserve the right to kick you out of the group if you're causing issues with other members. You have one warning and you're gone. No questions asked.

Admins also reserve the right to make changes to our group rules as necessary.