Professor Arnold Ehret and the Mucusless Diet Healing System

This group is for anybody interested in achieving physiological liberation!


by Arnold Ehret

Trusting an infamous lie
Adam broke the law of Eden—
Ever since arose the cry
Man is fallen! Man is beaten!

Ever since there lays a curse
Over every man’s design,
And the mighty golden purse
Cannot purchase health divine.

Sickness, death and shameful sin
Ne’er the cross has blotted out;
Health of body, peace within,
Nature’s foods must bring about.

Never will the human race
Rid the body of its dross
Till the apple takes the place
Of the emblem of the cross.

Hale and strong with calm repose,
Ruddy face—a healthy tan
Rewarded those who keep the oath,
Faith in Ehret’s Master-plan!

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